About the Worldly Reads Project

Welcome to Worldly Reads!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m really excited about this (not so) little endeavour I’m undertaking! Here’s the deal: I’m fascinated by other cultures and I’m fascinated by stories and how we use stories to make sense of our lives.  So I thought why not try to read a book by an author from every country in the world.  Apparently, there are 196.  That is a lot of reading! It’s intimidating but also thrilling! In my initial research and conversations, I’ve also realized that there are a lot more than 196 if you count colonies, territories and dependencies as well as parts of countries that are vastly different ethnically than the rest of that country.  For now, I’m starting with the 196, though.  And I’ve decided that even though I’ve read a ton of Canadian, American and British authors, I’m going to start fresh and pick a new book for each of those countries.

And here’s the best part: I want to have conversations about these books in addition to the solitary activity of reading them and writing about them.  So I’m inviting all of you to read along! You can pick any or all of the books that pique your interest and read along with me.  Then once I’ve posted my thoughts on each book, you all can join in the conversation in the comments!


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